inductions & help


pool induction tutorials

If you are a new pool owner or if you have inherited an existing pool.

My personal tutorial demonstrates the principles on how your pool works.

This includes how to take the water readings, how to avoid problems with the plant and provide you with top tips to keep it running effectively.

This is followed up by support notes specific to your pool.

problem solving & advice

Perhaps you are quite hands on but just need a bit of technical help.

This could be a problem with your filtration, experiencing a loss of pressure or the quality of your pool water.

You may just be a bit worried over a new noise coming from your pump room.

There are many things that can easily be fixed, sometimes with just a phone call.

sand filter change

The sand in your filter should be replaced every four years to keep filtration at it's optimum.

Ideally at the beginning of the pool season. 

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