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pool schemes


Here are a selection of pools that I have either designed, built, renovated or maintain.

If you are looking for ideas of which size pool suits or the liner colour this may help.

Filiz's Pool.

8m x 4m pool with bench steps.

Designed to enter pool direct from existing terrace.

Cal's Pool.

Oval pool, liner replacement to pale blue.

Mark & Elaine's Pool.

Pool liner French blue, pool design and build taken over from previous builder.

Steve & Jude's Pool.


Pool renovation completed 2016.

Remit to convert existing leaking concrete pool to take a liner.

Works included changing step configuration, removing internal wall and making good.

Changing white goods skimmers, inlets, lights and providing liner rail and liner.

Supply and install deck with LED floor lights. 

Chateaux Boreaux.

A 10m x 7m sand colour liner pool with side internal angle steps.

Automatic submerged security cover.

Margelles only.

Lesley & Stuarts pool.


A 10m x 5m pool with square external steps, liner colour to be decided.

Above ground automated safety cover, heat pump, auto ph and electrosel system to be installed. 

Further photos please see "new pools".

Brigettes' Pool.


10m x 5m, side external steps,

liner colour, vert caraibes.

Kirstie's pool.


A 10m x 5m desjoyeaux pool, recently renovated with new reinforced sand colour liner.  

Roman steps to a 0.8m depth truncated floor to 2.0m.

Espen's Pool. 

An 8m x 4m pool with a French blue liner and patterned freize at the water level.

No internal steps, ladders provide access, thereby allowing full pool length for swimming, pool depth 0.8 to 1.6m.

Pool surround bespoke tiles, private supplier.

Robert's Pool.


An 8,5m x 6m pool, concrete construction with light blue finish.

Maggie's Pool.

A 10m x 5m pool with light blue liner.

Pool surround of composite decking.

Brigette & Sean's Pool.


A 10m x 5m constant depth pool.

Roman escalier with pale blue liner.


Julia's Pool.


A 10m x 5m pool with side square external steps.

Sand colour liner.

Glenn & Eileen's Pool.


A 10m x 5m panel pool renovated 2016.

Remit to update filtration system and relocate from beside the pool wall to a designated pump room.

Provide pump room and equipment including a salt electrosel system and auto ph.

Treat corroded pool wall panels and install new liner.

Patrice's Pool.


An 11m x 5.5m pool, pale grey liner.

External roman end shelf step (plage).

MacClarens Pool.

A 12m x 6m salt pool.

Sand colour liner.

Cartridge filtartion.

Submerged automated safety cover.

Stephen & Lavinia's Pool.


A 12m x 6m pale blue liner pool with no internal steps.

Graduated pent 1.0m to 2.2m. 

Brian & Giuilia's Pool.

A small, perfect pool for cooling off.

A 6m x 4m sand colour liner with full width bench steps. 

The Mill.


A 12m x 6m sand colour liner pool with pre fabricated steps.


Graduated depth pool 0.8m to 2.3m.

Alain's Pool.


A 9m x 5m light blue liner pool with ladder steps and solar automated safety cover.

Nichola's pool.


A 10m x 5m pale blue liner pool.


Roman steps leading to truncated floor depth 0.8m to 1.9.

Leman's Pool.


18m x 6m standard concrete block construction pool.

French blue.


No internal steps, access by ladders, pool depth 0.8 to 2.6m.

Eric's Pool.


A 10m x 5m pool with a French blue liner.

Roman steps with truncated floor depth 0.8m to 2.2m.

Above ground automatic security cover.

Hibb's Pool.

A 20m x 4m sand colour liner pool with a 1.4m constant depth.

Full width bench steps, LED coloured remote pool lights.

John H's Pool.

10m x 5m "Desjoyeux" pool with prefab side steps.

Liner pale blue.

Micheal's Pool.


A 10m x 5m olive grey colour liner pool.

External steps leading to a 1.50 constant depth.

Pool surround by local stone quarry. 

Richard & Lucy's Pool


A pool constructed by Desjoueux.

7m x 4m with pale blue liner.

Automatic above ground security cover.

Pauline & Ludd's Pool.


A 9m x 4m sand colour monocoque pool, with internal seating/step formations.

Pool depth 0.7m to 1.6m.

Jon's Pool.

An 11m x 5m pool with a sand colour liner.

Full width bench steps to a truncated pool floor of 0.8 to 2.0m.

Submerged automatic security cover with exotic wood walkway.

Pool depth 0.8 to 2.1 with diving board.

Suki's Pool.

A 12m x 4m pool with an olive liner, black internal fittings (ie: to skimmer mouth, drain).

Full width bench steps to a truncated pool floor depth 0.8 to 2.1m.

Pool surround reclaimed terracotta tiles. 

Joelle's Pool.


An 8m x 4m pool, with a sand colour liner.

Roman steps with a truncated pyramid pool floor, 0.8m to 1.8m.

Pool surround tiles "Bradstone."

Also with an above ground automatic security cover. 

Gerald's Pool.


A 12m x 4m pool with grey liner with patterned freize to the water line.

Three full width bench steps to pool depth of 0.8m to 2.0m.

Pool surround installed by client.

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