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Vacuums are inserted in between the wall & liner for a tight, crease free fit.

Once the estimate has been accepted we remove the existing liner and measure the pool precisely for our fabricants.


The pool felt is removed and pool walls and floor are jet washed.  


At this stage we undertake a pressure test of all the canals to make sure there are no leaks you wouldn't want a new liner installed only to find out there is a problem later on down the line. 


We also inspect the condition of the liner rail and the fittings; skimmer, inlets, vac point & floor drain.


All the covers to the fittings are renewed as standard practice. 


For swimming pool renovations & swimming pool installations I cover the whole of the Dordogne 24, and parts of the touching departments (33, 47, 46, 19 & 87). 


Please drop me a line using the contact form below or direct to my email:

Alternatively please give me a call on 0632 103992.


If you are not sure if I cover your area please ask as it is difficult to provide any radius as sometimes it can depend on the project.

Many thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Julia French on a pool installation piscine installation dordogne france

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