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Vacuums are inserted in between the wall & liner for a tight, crease free fit.

Once the estimate has been accepted we remove the existing liner and measure the pool precisely for our fabricants.


The pool felt is removed and pool walls and floor are jet washed.  


At this stage we undertake a pressure test of all the canals to make sure there are no leaks you wouldn't want a new liner installed only to find out there is a problem later on down the line. 


We also inspect the condition of the liner rail and the fittings; skimmer, inlets, vac point & floor drain.


All the covers to the fittings are renewed as standard practice. 


 A pool cover is essential for your new pool or for your exiting pool. 

A covered pool will make sure that you retain the water temperature overnight; keep out unwanted pollutants and reduce evaporation and likewise product use.


There are seasonal covers, which for the spring/summer months is typically a bâche à bulle; and for the autumn/winter a filtrant or opaque cover. Unless your pool has a fence you will also need a pool alarm.

For an all season cover, the automatic security cover is both simple and secure.  


It is a security cover and can withstand a weight of up to 100kgs.


The roller can either be above ground with the legs positioned on the corner margelles or out of the way with the roller housed submerged in the pool.

The cover slats come in a come in a choice of colours to match your pool scheme. The cover can be operated by bluetooth connection allowing you to open the pool from the comfort of your breakfast terrace!

For the submerged cover there are two options.  To the left the 'walkway' is the same level as the pool terrace, on the right the walkway is also submerged providing a 'splash bench' for seating and cooling off.

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