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liner installation

Installing a liner is the work cut out for a professional.


With the pool structure being the backbone of your pool, the liner fitting is second when it comes to showing off craftsmanship and quality.

Having a badly fitted liner with creases or fittings that have not been cut out and sealed correctly, not only looks unsightly but it could cause your pool to leak.

liner installation france

The liner renewal price is based on the m² of fabric, with supplements relating to the pool floor shape, steps and fittings (how many skimmers, inlets etc).


Therefore your pool does not need to be emptied and measured in order for the quote to be prepared.


The margelles do not need to be lifted for the liner renewal, unless the liner rail has become brittle or broken and needs replacement. 

The liner rail is a strip of flat rigid PVC, that sits on the top of the pool wall, underneath the margelle, with a profile that locks the liner lip in place.


Once the estimate is accepted we remove the existing liner and felt to measure the pool precisely for our fabricants.


The pool walls and floor are jet washed.  


At this stage we undertake a pressure test of all the canals to make sure there are no leaks; as you wouldn't want a new liner installed only to find out there is a problem later on down the line!


We also inspect the condition of the liner rail and the fittings; skimmer, inlets, vac point & floor drain.


All the covers to the fittings are renewed as standard practice.

The delay for the order depends on the time of year and the planning of work. In addition we can only fit liners from March to October when the temperatures are over 18°.

Please contact me if you would like any further information.