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pool construction

The pool structure is your main priority.


If it fails or isn't installed following the normes and regulations, then all of your dreams and plans could be short lived.


Liner pools are the most popular in France as they can be easily refurbished when the time comes.

However it is important to consider the pool behind the liner.

swimming pool builders Pristine Piscines, France

Most pools in France are liner pools, but the pool construction behind the liner can be very different to another.  


Our pools are constructed using shuttered reinforced concrete. The structure composes polypropylene panels of either 1.2m high or 1.5m with a width of 1m, which are assembled on site.

Standard pool sizes are 12m x 6m, 10m x 5m or 8m x 4m; however you can mix it up and have whatever you want.  For example In recent years the 12m x 4m has become popular for those who either want a contemporary shape or would like to enjoy a longer swim length.


We install inground pools, however they do not require ground support. Therefore if your pool needs to be above ground in part or as a whole, this type of design is possible with our construction.

The panels are installed on concrete footings with a reinforced horizonal ring beam at the bottom & top with vertical steels throughout the structure.

Once the structure is assembled with the steel bar installed, the concrete to the walls and floor is poured in one go. This is ready mix, delivered to the site; minimising delays and keeping a tidy site. 


We allow a month for the concrete to go off, following which we can backfill and fit the liner. During this period the kit in the pump room is assembled in time for the filling of the pool.


We submit the déclaration for the pool on your behalf providing all the relevant information and plans.


Help & support is on hand during the process and instruction on how to use the pool filtration and water balance management once the pool is installed.

All work is assured with a ten year déccenale,

The pool builders I work with are highly skilled, committed and professional, and deliver a first class service and pool!

swimming pool builders france
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