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water colours

The colour of the liner material doesn't replicate the colour of the water.

If you think about the colour of the sea on a sandy beach and compare that to grey shingle.


The water isn't yellow or grey, they are both a blue, just a different blue. 

mosiac pool liner

Other factors influence the water colour; a sunny or cloudy day, the depth of the floor, the floor shape, the time of day and the time of the year. But as long as you keep the water balanced your pool will look inviting irrespective of the liner colour of liner.

Here follows the standard liner choices available in the pool water, with the attributed liner names. For more images please take a look under the 'portfolio' section. 

There are other colours & patterns available plus a selection of tile bands, please contact me for further details as they are not available for all installations.

sable pool liner


blanc liner colour


 graphite grey liner colour

gris foncé

vert caraibe liner colour

vert caraibe

bleu clair liner colour

bleu clair

bleu france liner colour

bleu france

gris clair liner colour

gris clair

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