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pool specification

There are many factors to take into account when planning your new swimming pool installation, all of which will have an impact on the overall budget.

With my experience I can advise and guide you to achieve your dream pool and have an enjoyable process along the way!



location, location, location

Ok, so it's not so much the location but situation and orientation.  It's important to get the pool level right as you don't want it poking out of the ground.

Your pool should appear to float on your grounds like a carpet made of water.


size does matter!

This is not to say that big is always best, Consider whether you will be using the pool to cool down and enjoy a gentle splash around or if you want to get your 50 lengths. in a day, or a bit of both. 



keep in shape

You can keep the rectangular shape and have internal angle steps, a banquette with steps or full width bench steps.


in too deep

There are choices of a flat bottomed pool, (1.5m),  a split flat bottomed (1.2m/1.5m).or a fosse à plonger - which can have a depth of 2.2m.



stepping out

The clients opted for a contemporary rectangle form, with the steps in the pool. This design provides versatility with the over sized steps providing a submerged seating/splash area. 


colour charts

The liner choice was dark grey, a subtle choice to be sympathetic with the surroundings. For further information on liners and liner choices, please click on the liner section on the menu.



after dark

LED pool lights are a relatively low cost component on your pool specification. The LED lights can be white or coloured and operated by a bluetooth connection.

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