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Vacuums are inserted in between the wall & liner for a tight, crease free fit.

Once the estimate has been accepted we remove the existing liner and measure the pool precisely for our fabricants.


The pool felt is removed and pool walls and floor are jet washed.  


At this stage we undertake a pressure test of all the canals to make sure there are no leaks you wouldn't want a new liner installed only to find out there is a problem later on down the line. 


We also inspect the condition of the liner rail and the fittings; skimmer, inlets, vac point & floor drain.


All the covers to the fittings are renewed as standard practice. 


You may have bought a property and inherited a neglected pool in need of a refurbishment, or maybe give your existing pool a spruce up.

I can undertake an appraisal of your pool to offer options & solutions to make your pool as good as new.

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Convert filtration system. If you are fed up with cleaning clogged filter bags or cartridges, consider changing your filtration to a sand filter system. 

Renew filtration system.  Perhaps your system is ancient and could do with a complete overhaul of your existing kit; electric control box & pump and filter.

Remove existing prefab steps. Prefab fibreglass steps have a lifetime; resulting in cracking, wear and discolouration. We can take them out and construct new steps made with concrete blockwork - to a design of your choice and have the new liner over the top, giving your pool a totally refreshed look.

Change floor shape. Some deep ends are excessive at over 2.2 metres. This can be impractical and so deep that the water never gets warm. Consider having the floor filled in to provide a constant depth of a split level of 1.2m - 1.4m, which is perfect for swimming and games. ..not advised though for any aspiring Tom Daley's.

Install new sanitisation system. Other options you may be interested in an automated sanitisation system; no more fretting about the chlorine or ph levels, the Rédox system controls it all for you.

Install a heat pump. Enjoy your pool season for longer, with a pompe à chaleur PAC. It can be easily fitted to your existing system in a day.

We also do the less glamorous side of things like replacing cracked skimmers & leaking pipework.

Please see photo galleries of previous pool renovation projects.