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liner specification

The lifetime of a pool liner depends on the quality of the liner material and how well the pool has been maintained in terms of the water filtration and balance. 

Generally speaking the liner should last between 10 to 15 years; after which time the varnish on the waterside deteriorates becoming porous and vulnerable to stains. 

swimming pool build france

The basic liner 75/100 we install is varnished to the water side with a 10 year guarantee and a top temperature of 32°.


This can be upgraded to 12 year guarantee and a top temperature of 35°, or a 95/100 'pro' liner with a top temperature of 35° and a 15 year guarantee.

However if your pool isn't a regular shape or is subject to heavy usage we can install a reinforced (armé) liner 150/100 with a 15 year guarantee.


Unlike the previously mentioned made to measure liners, this one is posed and welded on site.

For our pool liner replacements we install anti slip finish on the steps as standard.

If you have chosen a grey or black liner; the fittings for the skimmers, projecteurs, inlets and drain can be fitted in matching grey or black instead of the standard white.

All liners are available in the colours shown in the below swatches:


pool liner colours
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